5 Tips to Play Safe Holi

Holi is a festival that is celebrated in India and is played with the range of vibrant, powdered colours also known as Holi colours. To top the level of excitement, and that in this festival of colours are water guns, also known as pichkari which is very popular among all age groups. Holi is a celebration that has no limit of fun and people across the country wait for this festival all around the year with enthusiasm and anticipation.

This festival of colours also invites a lot of surprises in the form of gifts. From sweet boxes, to clothes, flowers, chocolate hampers, personalised gifts, cake, accessories, and more. There are so many things that would be a gesture of laughter in the form of Holi gifts. However, it is very important to also be mindful of playing safe Holi that is enjoyable for everyone. Here 5 tips that will help you in playing safe Holi this season.

Tips for playing safe Holi

Use organic colours

A festival as enjoyable and colourful as Holi, can become a disaster if you don’t use organic colours that wash away easily. Permanent colours are very harmful to the skin and can also cause blindness or dangerous skin problems. There are many sides who offer organic Holi colours online. organic Holi colours are always safe to use and they do not harm anyone.

Clean and natural Holi

Holi colours can have a long-lasting result on our skin. it is very important to take preventive measures before playing with colours so that you can enjoy a clean and natural Holi. for this applying a little bit of coconut oil or a good thick layer of moisturizer always helps in maintaining a barrier between your skin and Holi colours. Moreover, it is easy to wash them off with soap and water.

Always ask consent

Although it might seem that everyone enjoys Holi, asking for consent before applying colour to anyone is a must. For a safe Holi it is important for everyone to enjoy as much as you do.

Buy Holi gifts online

A safe Holi can also mean a festival wherein you do not forget to send gifts to your loved ones. It is not a good idea to piss someone off on such a special day. Online sites like gift across India, are amazing when it comes to selecting beautiful Holi gifts. This can include Holi colours online, water guns, chocolate hamper packages with colours and more.

Less wasting more enjoying

In Holi people tend to waste a lot of water while playing. An important part of playing safe Holi also means that we are causing less harm to the environment and spreading more happiness all around.

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