A Wife Is A Gift From God


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“Ssshhhh,all their mob is in the clockend,the northbank normals won’t fight back,easy take, we may have shit ourselves against west ham but this Goon lot didnt so if we take the northbank again this year the whole country will think we’re number 1.lets get in there double early & mob up in all 4 corners and when the shout goes up lets batter the women and kids in red & white and the world will think we done the Goon mob again”. I mean the Internet didn’t even exist, and I think the Commodore 64 had just been released, but hey, people are still people. At the time I started writing for Hub Pages, my father was still alive and I did not want my extreme views on reality to easily be connected with him, so I created an alias. This hub been published for a while, arkansas sex offender registry but continues to get comments.

I will post more helpful tips for overcoming rape on my hub by monday nite for sure. Agreed that female body is more exposed to impurities. Your principle point -that Moksha is attained by soul, not by body, is indisputable.But the logic here is-soul can’t become fully rid of Karmas in a female( not in a male also, just for the reason that he is a male).When females do tapas , follow vratas and go on getting rid of Karmas, automatically they take birth as males. The female body will only produce lubrication for the first quarter of the sexual experience. First of all, your hair is very beautiful. 3 participating book releasing function, or all- religion conferences is not banned for digambar saints. There are times when I am faced with similar queries and I give people choice of either follow good things the religion has to offer or move on, instead of criticizing it to no end with no particular purpose. But agamas prescribe on the guru who admits one to muni sangh that he must ascertain that the wisher has not come just by emotion, and he should test his self control etc, and then only he should give him the deeksha.

If they keep on conuing their tapas etc, eventually that takes them to moksha. 3 If they hear any cry- of an animal, or my free cm a person in distress etc, while taking food , they give up their food then itself. The women who wait a bit to give out sex live most of their lives lonely, but end up marrying the guy at the very end, but are alone and depressed most of their lives. They stand , stretch out their palms, and somebody put food into their open palms. They take rice, chapathis made of wheat, some curry( without salt), cocconut water.The food is just to get minimum sterngth required to maintain life activities. 5 They often take ‘hunger vow’-i.e., no food for the day. 13 They don’t even drink water after their regular food, i.e. once a day. Even thirthankar mother’s were also women. Even tirthankaras mothers did not get moksha as females.

As per my understanding : any person who is self realized whether with or without clothes, men or women can attain moksha in same birth. There are many kshullakas who can guide you. As they are not supposed to use vehicles, they cannot be seen in foreign countries .They are seen only in India. 4 I have not practical my seen any Buddhist monk meeting jain muni. For some problems, people like me who have studied philosophy and seen life, can also answer. I don’t think you can take advice from a muni on phone or email. But how many of us can follow these things? Your emotions, which are running rampant; will make you do wrong things if you let them replace your rationality. Congratulations on your sincere interest to know the things. I don’t know what and how about in Jain. Lost weight? Don’t know her size? But they may meet a muni in order to know jain philosophy.

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