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what’s up guys and welcome to the first

idea a tech byte I’m trying something

new with tech byte episodes and it

basically means that I will bring you up

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tech world that you just need to know

today I’m going to talk about nordic ibeacon factory

ibeacon is a technology that Apple

introduced at the WWDC event this summer

but it didn’t get much attention ibeacon

can be compared to NFC Near Field

Communication but it works differently

ibeacon is a method to measure the

distance between one I o s device to the


if iOS devices gets close they are able

to communicate automatically using the

core location API and Bluetooth le and L

e stands for low battery your phone now

knows your exact position and it can

communicate with multiple ibeacon

devices developers and marketers can

create endless possibilities using

ibeacon you could create a store device

as an ibeacon communicator with everyone

in the store you can use this maybe for

a discount or to help people shop with

an exclusive in-store app when you want

to purchase a product just use your

phone it’s already rumored that Apple’s

Apple stores will feature these

possibilities early next year

using ibeacon iOS 7 is already built for

this so soon a lot more companies will

follow major league baseball stadiums

already announced that they want to use

ibeacons to help people find their seats

for example you have stepped out of the

purse near the stadium and now your

iPhone can tell you exactly what

entrance to go to and how to get there

so when you get there your entry tickets

will automatically pop up and when you

are inside it will tell you how to get

to your seat on your way you will maybe

get an offer to buy a hot dog as you

were just walking by so that this

Apple’s ibeacon technology really sounds

like a future technology but it will get

mainstream sooner than you

so what do you guys think this is

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