Canadian military officer charged with mutiny after anti-vax rally

It is not clear whether Kenderesi has a history of opposition to vaccines, but referring to the shot as a ‘killer vaccine,’ his comments urging fellow members of the armed forces to forsake the government’s Operation VECTOR vaccine distribution program would appear to have gone too far.

Then only then one may protect himself / herself and others as well from this infection. Simple and effective way is to protect yourself and others, is to wash your hands with soap at least 20-25 seconds and use of alcohol based hand sanitizer frequently.

Keep in minds that do not touch your face without washing your hands with soap. Corona virus mainly spreads when an infected people coughs and sneezes. Due to cough and sneeze, saliva droplets and discharge from nose’s nostrils come out which causes the virus to spread the most.


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Officer Cadet Ladislas Kenderesi was charged on May 12 with persuading others to join in a mutiny as well as scandalous behavior unbecoming of an officer stemming from comments he made at a protest on December 5, according to Canadian military officials.

Common symptoms of Covid-19: While in the second category, following are some common symptoms of Covid-19 like body pain, diarrhea, problems in eyes, loss of taste, loss of smell and that need to be cautious. 

Severe symptoms of Covid-19: The severe symptoms of Covid-19 include breath shortness, downfall in Oxygen level, chest pain, body breakdown and feeling trouble in speaking. So, it is suggested to look for medical assistance if you have severe symptoms. 

SAO PAULO, May 26 (Reuters) – A traveler arriving in Brazil has been diagnosed with the coronavirus variant first discovered in India, Sao Paulo health officials said on Wednesday, stoking concerns that it could further fuel one of the world’s deadliest outbreaks.

Anvisa in a statement said the passenger “received a positive result for COVID-19 when he was already in Rio de Janeiro. Anvisa was informed of the positive result by the private laboratory.” (Reporting by Ana Mano in Sao Paulo and Pedro Fonseca in Rio de Janeiro Editing by Bernadette Baum and Bill Berkrot)

The number of people in intensive care units with COVID-19 fell by 117 to 3,330, while the overall number of people in hospital with the virus fell by 837 to 18,593. Both numbers have been on a steady downward trend since the end of April.

Sao Paulo health authorities said they requested a complete list of the passengers on the flight coming from India, as well as the names of all airport staff and other people who may have had contact with the passenger, for monitoring and isolation.

Following treatment of crew members with the B.1.617.2 variant on a cargo ship off Brazil’s northern coast last week, the case confirmed on Wednesday raised alarms about the easily transmissible variant passing through two of the country’s busiest airports.

The Indian variant of the coronavirus, known as B.1.617.2, which is rampant in India, has been detected in 10 countries of the Americas, mainly associated with international travel, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said on Wednesday.

Because their immune systems change throughout their pregnancies, pregnant women are more vulnerable to respiratory infections, like COVID-19, and if they get sick, they also tend to develop more serious symptoms that require intubation.

‘I’m just saying a small prayer for myself, and a prayer for Canada and Canadians, that hopefully my efforts and what I have done is not in vain,’ he said in a video attached to fundraising page, which has also been deleted.

PARIS, May 26 (Reuters) – France’s average daily number of new COVID-19 cases fell to its lowest level since mid-September while the number of people being treated for the virus in hospital continued to decline, official data showed on Wednesday.

Brazil has lost more than 450,000 lives to COVID-19, the worst death toll outside the United States, and has struggled to contain transmission of homegrown variants and to accelerate a sputtering vaccination campaign.

Introducing the soldier, Lamont Daigle, one of the organizers of the rally and an influential anti-mask advocate, said Kenderesi had training in chemical and biological warfare, and was licensed to operate tanks and other military vehicles as well as machine guns.

The passenger was tested on arrival for COVID-19, but by the time Sao Paulo authorities were informed of the positive result, he had flown to Rio de Janeiro, according to a statement from state officials.

A person body’s viral load may be similar to another person with serious symptoms. It means that a person is at same risk of infection as much as a serious patient of Covid-19. Situation of self-quarantine of 14 to 21 days is a necessary step in case if you have come in contact with a recently came back person (or his/her family) from Covid-19’s Containment Zone.

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