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Constructing a relativistic quantum mechanics (RQM) for a large photon, with out appealing to the quantum field theoretical approach such as the massive Proca model, теория большого взрыва скачать we discover a brand new theoretical particle solution which allows the massive photon having either optimistic or unfavorable power as options. Particularly, we predict the existence of the so-called anti-photon corresponding to the damaging vitality solution, much like the positron in the Dirac RQM for an electron. Word that the anti-photons could possibly be an intense radiation flare of the gamma ray burst. In this RQM for the massive photon, we construct a optimistic definite probability density and a nontrivial diagonal Hamiltonian, and likewise discuss a massless photon. Moreover we verify the covariances of the relativistic equation of movement for the huge photon and the corresponding chance continuity equation under the Lorentz transformation.

Mercury can be a heavy atom, with electrons held close to the nucleus because of their pace and consequent mass increase. The bonds between mercury atoms are weak, so mercury melts at decrease temperatures and is often a liquid when we see it, according to Chemistry World (opens in new tab).

Closed-minded editors abound, however not all editors are like that. Each editor’s first job is to guard against a hazard far better than the suppression of an occasional good idea, which is the unlimited dissemination of unworthy ideas. That would make science a jungle with no clear paths of time-tested concepts to guide us. It’s why all respectable journals have some type of standards and evaluation course of, and why these that do not are not broadly learn.

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