Dramatically Improve The Way You Earn From Betting Tips Using Just Your Imagination

Verification of highly efficient valuable games

When potential “promising tip” is found, it’s necessary to confirm the information are correct, and prove that odds movements are actually caused by team situations and other external reasons. It is important to check in couple of sources, for example: compare info about changes in the match squad and injuries of players on the soccerway portal (on the specific team’s site the tab: Squad). Look for every player under conditions of the number of appearances in matches, age, assists, etc.

Verify info on team website and twitter account. If you bet on games from lower unknown leagues, it’s worth to double check your team Facebook accounts where are pre-match reports and match-day squad are stored. This step is crucial, in the time of “fake news”, the target is to confirm in to second source found valuable tip.

Bet win chances estimation, setting the invested capital

Money adjusted matrix should be in use, there are categories with external indicators which have strong influence on the final outcome in terms of the chances of success. Invested money value should be estimated taking into account clear criteria that lowering the risk of lost. Therefore, when setting the amount of invested money, bellow’s conditions should be taken into consideration. Detail tips creation methodology is here wiadomości sportowe:

For Stake 1-3 – There are no strong arguments for advantage of particular opponent, impossible to verify your information. Releasing a bet on “Public Experts from TV”. The pounter faith in winning the match. Referring to the Predicting win of visiting opponents. Faith in change after a a lot of draws. Public info about team injures has been available for couple of days. Friendship match for noting. Betting based only on dropped odds without checking the reason. Betting low level leagues – out of top40 based on FiFA ranking.

For stakes 4-6 – Placing a Bet on event which don’t include conditions described in above category stakes 1-3. Checked and confirmed lack of 3 key players in one opponent. Betting for host victory. Analysis of history games in terms of series of losses or “related” matches. If H2H upcoming games looks to be fixed game or “connected” invest a bet adequately.

For Stakes 7-10: Confirmed lack of 5 and more key players from one opponent. Match for high stake. Matches from top US leagues. Unexpected team information to situation into match-day squad 1hour before kick off (ex. Team manager decision to take away half of the strongest players). Proofed conditions described in previous category stakes.

Confirmed lack of more than 6 players from squad. “Selling” of the game. Fulfilled requirements for mentioned above stakes.

As a reminder, check non-stop H2H results between opponents. Exist Teams that have a friendly relation with each other in the form of taking back particular matches. It can be checked by analysing historical games, where specific results cyclically appears. If we have in mind such a result, the match should be skipped or from the other hand – just bet accordingly.

Implementation conditions above and keeping consistency in action, you are minimizing the risk of losing capital and your chances for taking money back are incomparably higher.

Invest info bet

The last step of the creating a good betting coupon is, of course, investing capital the previously assigned stakes. You have to be fast when evidences found is really crucial and you are giving a bet with stake 10. Take into account to stay one step in front of bookmaker in the race for really valuable tips. In the worst case, the Bookies will even remove the match from the offer. It’s worth to act quickly, looking for events no matter of odds changes, have accounts in different bookies and pick this operator who forgot with the odds reduction. Nevertheless, remember that the beauty of game competition stick in the fact that sometimes unexpected losts occur. Seriously don’t introduce all capital into one strong favourite. Recommended practice is to split your budget and invest at once max30% from total account, so in this case level of 30% of your total budget is in line to stake 10 in our standard work of creation valuable coupons.

nIn the flight betting wiadomości sportowe

The main operators offer the possibility of placing a bets on events that have already begun. During the meeting, the odds is changing depending on the situation between the opponents. The benefits of placing stakes for an ongoing event are listed down.

First of all, if you hesitate to invest on your favourite team, the first minutes of the game will certainly clarify your risks. Next argument for placing a bet into ongoing matches is exchange stakes.

Analysing arguments that favourite for the game has changed, really close before start, it is worth to wait for start and bring capital in the initial minutes after the odds will grow. The next option for placing stakes during the game is reacting to competition on the field and appropriate betting. If the event is aggressive, the teams fight for each ball – investment in red cards. If the favourite is striking to opponent, is giving a lot of shots – it is worth to invest in a certain # of corners, etc

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