Golf – What Do Those Stats Really Imply?

Whatever form a corporate logo wilson golf balls event of this kind takes; there are always plenty of people to thank. I did not have a good season due to health issues but thankfully those are behind me now. “He’s not just a good golfer for an NBA player. All had a really good time. Today I spent some time getting a salad ready to take to a gathering at Pete and Jerilyn’s later today. It will take time for you to see definite improvement, so be patient. Mother Nature does not take long to reclaim what is hers. It’s part of who you are. They are not who you are, they are something that life added to you. The cicada’s are reminding us that the first frost is coming. The old wives tale is that the first frost will happen six weeks after hearing the first cicada. It is a mere 6 weeks until we get serious about heading south.

There’s still much to be written, so get busy writing and don’t waste time thinking about what others might think. I am still working at liking it better in the future. Since there are new guys working the clubhouse, I usually have to remind them we need the sticks. Now that the guest list and venue are arranged and confirmed the next challenge would be to ensure that all guests are available on one particular date. The trend is actually for the rise, early on detection allows present children special therapy applications according to their own particular needs. Yesterday Butch and I went on a small part of the Highway 141 Garage sale. In the evenings we played cribbage and Lisa and I played very well for the most part. It seemed to work well. As a member organisation it is imperative that we all are considerate of each other and work as a collective.

We are listening to “Where the Crawdads Sing”. This is important because the wetness of the ground you are playing on will have a direct impact on how your ball bounces and rolls. Practice hitting the ball. Jorgen and batting practice. When this happens and it seems to be happening ever more frequently it can drive you nuts trying to figure out where, why and how it happened. I need to figure out where to get the box I need for my Brazilian floss. Be sure to get gloves that fit well, as poorly fitted ones can interfere with your game play, especially if they cut off circulation. After all, you want to pay a reasonable amount of money to get the best possible results. After all, that was the main impetus for beginning this blog in the first place. I noticed a visitor for the first time today so this picture is for him. It is an annual sale on the first weekend in August. And at last here are some of my latest photos: Leo and Keri had their grandchildren visiting last weekend and they spent time at the park that is near us so I stopped over for a pic or two.

Butch and Bill were looking over our new kitchen faucet and Bill noticed a flaw in the pipe. Butch and Terry played golf on Sunday and Monday. I had planned on us leaving on Sunday but a golf game is taking priority so now it looks like Monday or Tuesday. Do I like this photo of me? This seemed like a pine tree. As they sell products in bulk too, would demand relatively lower than the retailer ones. Definitely not by going to an electronics retailer. When he left the park for the last time a group of people came out to the gate and cheered. Saturday Rich and Ann came to the golf course and met up with Butch and Kevin McQuillen to play golf. Butch has been anxiously waiting for the birds to find the new feeder. The newest feeder is getting a lot of use these days. Butch played 9 at the golf course. Butch caught up with his mowing chores on Sunday. I always plan to go through cities on a Sunday but the final decision is always up to the driver and golf is his choice this time.

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