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There must be something other than a desire to keep lenses small that limits their designs. Are you really suggesting the Laowa can’t be any sharper than the XF90 in the center Or that the relative center/edge resolution pattern means something so the difference must be mpix? Your argument that the additional mpix of an XT3 explains a 27% higher center resolution from a different lens or that test results from a different site are suspect is at the very least a stretch. However, better sampling necessarily captures the strengths and weaknesses of a lens more accurately. However, I would expect the graph to look less like its 16 megapixel result, and more like the Laowa result, with a bigger difference between the best and worst resolution. However, while in the centre at its peak it comes close to having 27% more resolution, in the corner wide open it has hardly more resolution than the Fuji at the same aperture setting. The application comes with the basic climate data like current and future weather conditions.

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