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Let’s start with Google Duplex, the search giant’s effort to let the artificially intelligent Google Assistant make phone calls on your behalf. Intermarriages and intercontinental friendships can make the world a better place. Two days after that editorial, Google told CNET explicitly that it will launch Duplex with “disclosure built-in” for better transparency. Tellingly, Google opted not to include a camera in its flagship, first-party smart display, the Google Home Hub. 2018 saw some notable new ideas about where smart home tech may be headed — and some of those ideas raised a lot of questions. In fact, the most we ever saw of the delivery people was an arm reaching inside the cracked door to drop a package off just inside. Then there’s Amazon Key, which looks to leverage smart lock tech at your front door to let delivery people drop Amazon packages off inside your home. Would you want to be around people who have hobbies like that?

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Lots of people generally agree to using the net adult material and also the aftereffect of grownup is actually rather quickly spreading inside the number. Most of them have included the adult dating as their survival strategy therefore. Maybe most disconcerting — to date, none of the major tech companies responsible for these voice platforms have denied that attacks like these are possible. During the many surgeries that followed his injury, he had a major stroke and is partially paralyzed on his right side. Amazon was first into the space with the Echo Show and Echo Spot, and Google soon followed suit with a suite of its own Google Assistant-powered touchscreens, 100 free chat line numbers including the Lenovo Smart Display and the JBL Link View. Google touted the feature as a way for the Assistant to book things like haircuts and dinner reservations — and the demo was pretty mind-blowing. To wit, there were evil cackles from Alexa, fake phone calls from Google Assistant, and concerns a-plenty about the connected cameras and microphones filling our homes.

The cackle in question came from Alexa, when users of Amazon’s popular voice assistant began sharing clips of eerie, unprompted laughter emitting from their Echo devices. Concerns about silent, “ultrasonic” audio attacks also raised our collective assistant anxiety this year, with researchers claiming that the most popular voice platforms were vulnerable to audio cues at frequencies too high for humans to hear. This year, a mysterious and disconcerting bout of laughter echoed out of the silence. In another Alexa headache this May, a family in Oregon claimed that their Echo device recorded audio of a private conversation and sent it out to a random contact without warning. This is a copy of this week’s email that I sent to my newsletter, which you can join here. Still, accidents happen. Just today, Reuters reports that Amazon mistakenly sent the wrong files to an Alexa user in Germany who had requested his Echo recordings. The first came to a conclusion in March when Amazon agreed to hand over the Alexa audio recordings of a user in Bentonville, Arkansas, who stood accused of of first-degree murder, but only after that user consented to the release. As a result, he was able to download and access 1,700 recordings from another user’s household.

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