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Sofitel Casinos in Caiso

Casinos in Caisno are a source of amusement for hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. This beautiful area of the Dominican Republic has been a favored place by many celebrities, such as entertainers, famous golf players and the rich and famous who come to the city to play roulette, poker and other card games at the world-class Casa de Caisno. The town is popular for different activities besides being the home of the very well-known casinos in the Caribbean.

Casinos in Caisno provide people a chance to step into the world of gaming, without having to leave the comforts of their homes. The city boasts two resorts offering luxurious amenities and state of the art electronics so you can enjoy your stay more than just card matches. The Sofitel Caiso Grand Casino is one of the very well-known hotels in Caisno and is situated directly in the center of the card rooms and other gambling areas. This resort features an oceanfront location and is conveniently located right beside the Sofitel Caiso Grand casino. There are a total of five restaurants inside the Sofitel Caiso Grand Casino that provide local favorites and gourmet dining while also providing guests with easy access to the casinos themselves.

If you’re interested in finding somewhere to enjoy a while while in Caiso, search no further than the Sofitel Caiso Grande Hotel. The resort itself overlooks the river where the renowned Casa de Caiso is situated and is only steps from the casino floor and other attractions. In this charming resort, you’ll see lovely furniture, a pool table, and billiard tables for guests to relish. You’ll also be able to have a trip to Acapulco and expertise Mexico’s own underground canal as you gamble away your days off. The Sofitel Caiso Grand Casino provides great amenities and rooms to suit every taste, and is the perfect stop for anyone seeing the exotic Dominican Republic.

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