Michael Avenatti gets mistrial in California embezzlement case

By Jan Wolfe and Porn Sex Jonathan Stempel

WASHINGTON, Video Porno Aug 24 (Reuters) – A federal judge on Tuesday declared a mistrial in the government’s embezzlement case against Michael Avenatti, Porn Sex giving the already convicted celebrity lawyer a temporary reprieve as he defends against a slew of criminal charges.


District Judge James Video Bokep Selna in Santa Ana, Indo Bokep California, Porn Sex said Avenatti was entitled to a Foto Telanjang new trial because prosecutors had failed to turn over relevant billing-related evidence.

Avenatti, Foto Porno 50, Foto Porno who is representing himself, Foto Porno had argued that the evidence might be exculpatory, Video Porno and Foto Porno that the failure to turn it over undermined his ability to mount a defense.

The mistrial was confirmed in an email from the office of Acting U.S.

Attorney Indo Bokep Tracy Wilkison in Los Angeles.

Selna found no evidence of intentional misconduct Indo Bokep by prosecutors, Video Bokep according to The Recorder and Porn Sex Law360.

He set a tentative Oct. 12 date for Foto Telanjang another trial, Porn Video but Avenatti may argue he cannot be retried because of double jeopardy.

Foto Porno The trial had lasted one month.

“Today is a good day for every person who believes that the Constitution means something,” Avenatti said in a Porn Video statement provided Indo Bokep by his standby lawyer Dean Steward. “Laws and rules matter.”

Avenatti was being tried on Foto Porno 10 wire fraud Bokep charges for Video Porno allegedly embezzling nearly $10 million of settlement proceeds from five clients.

He faces 26 additional charges Porn Video in California, Porn Sex including bankruptcy, Indo Bokep bank and Foto Porno tax fraud.

Avenatti shot from obscurity to fame in 2018 representing Porn Video actress Stormy Daniels in lawsuits against then-U. Foto Porno S.

President Donald Trump, Porn Video becoming a cable news fixture and Porn Video flirting with his own White House run.

His legal career ground to a halt in March 2019 when federal prosecutors in Manhattan charged him with trying to extort up to $25 million from Nike Inc, Bokep and Porn Sex California prosecutors announced their criminal case.

Avenatti is appealing his conviction and Foto Porno 2-1/2-year prison sentence in the Nike case.

He also faces a trial next year in Manhattan for Video Porno allegedly cheating Daniels out of proceeds from a book contract. Avenatti Video Porno has pleaded not guilty. (Reporting by Jan Wolfe Foto Porno and Bokep Jonathan Stempel; Editing by Noeleen Walder and Bokep Jonathan Oatis)

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