Planning A Raunchy Vacation With Your Partner?

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In the event that there are multiple prizes offered for a particular contest, but there are an insufficient number of eligible entrants in that contest, not all prizes will be awarded. As well as some great bonuses there is an exceptional early pricing discount sequence with a bigger discount the sooner you confirm your place. There is no way someone can feel the contents of the product. 5. Tipping is subject to and in no way alters Chaturbate’s Code of Conduct (above). This way one can get more personal spaces and find people who share same interests. Many dating sites take great pride in their ability to match the right people together given their requests, profiles and information provided. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to disqualify any entrant in any contest who we deem to be: (i) tampering or attempting to tamper with the entry process or the operation of a contest; (ii) violating these Terms or any contest rules; or (iii) acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person.

We further reserve the right to disqualify any entry that we believe, in our sole discretion, infringes upon any third-party right, violates any law or otherwise does not comply with these Terms or any contest rule. If a winner is not able for whatever reason to accept his or her prize, we reserve the right to not award the prize or to award the prize to another entrant. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or the Site or any of its authorized agents have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, the Site has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse your current or future use of the Service and Site, as well as possibly subjecting you to criminal and civil liability. Entry and Eligibility. Unless otherwise noted in the rules applicable to a specific contest, entry will be automatic for any user of the Site who maintains an age-verified account with the Service. 2. Maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete at all times while you remain a user of the Service. Tipping is not required for use of the Service.

1. Tipping is done at your own option and risk. 2. Tipping may only be done using Virtual Money. Contributors may not solicit tips though any means of payment other than Virtual Money. Effective October 17, 2015 we no longer accept payment by check. Claim forms are processed once per month, and claimed cash prizes will be sent using each potential prize winner’s chosen payment method on or before the seventh day of the month following receipt of the processed claim form. We will not return a tip made from your account except in situations that are deemed by us, in our sole and absolute discretion, to be extraordinary. Claiming Cash Prizes. In the event that cash prizes are awarded for any contest, no potential prize winner shall be entitled to receive payment, nor shall the Site be liable for any such payment, unless and until the total amount of unclaimed funds associated with your account exceeds Fifty Dollars (USD $50.00). You are responsible for rejected payments and any related fees that we incur with respect to your account.

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