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If my words don’t convince all the retards then try some medication,start with horse tranquilizers and work your way up until you stop feeling the need to attack people who are just like yourselves and hurting innocent bystanders who just happen to want to go and see a game of football in the process,as for all the fucking idiots who like to throw bottles at women and kids in escorts on their way out of whl-any decent Spurs fan would have sorted that lot out by now ffs because I swear if any of those missiles hit my kids I’d be paying the yids ‘top boys’ a home visit with the heaviest and nastiest bunch of people you have ever seen in your lives,trust me on that. Good threadn this,that day in 82 brings back some memories,loads of us clockend boys in the north bank because west ham got given the whole clockend I think,it was going off everywhere before and after the game but it was nothing compared to Arsenal v Millwall in 88-fighting on the pitch and fighting before and after the game all over Highbury,even the barmies and shirts were havin it,great day.Had nothing against Millwall,decent firm-Tiny was a good pal of Daintons throughout the late 70s and 80’s,Tiny was a part time clockend boy back then,he was over there a few times,and we all hated West Ham,everyone in the country did them days.

The Clock-End was neutral then, there was no Arsenal mob in there. After the game Arsenal walked to Seven Sisters hitting the Bull, we were following behind before OB sending Spurs down St Annes road approaching Seven Sisters, a handful of us carried on walking straight down and were soon accosted by the Goon mob walking towards us back up to Finsbury Park, only Yiddish insults and tugging on our PWayne`s pony-tail as we passed. All Arsenal gathered on the North-Bank knowing Spurs would be in there. It’s link will be with the other one because there is no way I want to put that here. Supermac,this hub pages site is a load of shit,at least 3 of my comments have been deleted or just haven’t been put up so last words from me which probably won’t be seen. Park lane,I had a look at the under the radar site,its a ‘football lads’ site which we need to register an email address,a site like that is going to be heavily monitored,its bad enough on here with all the suspicious ‘moderating’ going on by unknown persons other than the author best cam porn Skinhead 69 so I’m giving it a miss as we can’t chat anywhere online with our hands over our mouths like we can face to face,even if we use an i.p blocker they have ways round that.

Here’s the shitter,what is proper embarrassing is that Yids are all over the internet and even write books about how they took the north bank in 75,76,77 blah blah,even west ham do it-the thing is though they took the north bank from a bunch of shirts and old women and kids,now that is embarrassing,what happened when the proper Arsenal firm decided enough is enough in 1982 and went in the north bank to defend it ? Arsenal had a huge mob out that day. Men who cannot trust their mates will commonly act out by withholding love and affection or may just no longer feel these things for a partner who has wronged him. That is T robinson just incase your half asleep Btw im taking odds on who will be next to join us as in what team why you got a better idea ! You 2 forgot to mention the game at ours 79-80 or 80-81,your meet at Seven sisters before the game we turned up on the tube 100 handed and run you everywhere,you never took the northbank that year either,your usual 1000 had dwindled to 300 after we turned up at Seven sisters and done you and you couldnt take an end with 300,laughable,we were taking ends 100 handed back then,so were Wall and West Hamas,the truth must hurt which is why so many of you yids make up total shit.

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Everton for an evening game stands out for me. Any West ham here remember when Cass and a transit load of icf turned up at the Adelaide to sort a problem out but had to fuck off lively when Scotty put it on Cass and Cass shit himself ? I’m gonna copy and paste them and try and post them under my name but put ”originally posted by MH” If this fails then there’s not a lot I can do, and your’e right, I think it’ll be time to call it a day. Thanks Skinhead 69,I didnt see any comments where Yids give us much credit,all I saw was we took the north bank we done you you had no mob and that sort of thing and basically yids just cunting us off,if they were part of the yid mob from 1980-1992 they would know they got fuckin slapped untold times by us,we put a fair few of them in hospital and I can honestly say they never gave it back,we thought the yids them days were nothing,a bit like chelsea really,big numbers no bottle or quality,we had it with all the top firms,we don’t need to make us stories or write books about it cos those top firms all confirm it,which is more than can be said about the Yids back then.All the best mate.

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