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洛杉矶移民律师推荐 移民律师洛杉矶

hello my name is Deanna cookies I’m

immigration attorney licensed in New

York and California and today I’d like

to speak about our president’s

Proclamation regarding immigrants so a

whole immigration ban

this den was first issued in April of

this year in as of June 22nd it was

extended until December 31st of this

year and it’s expanded so which

categories of people will be affected by

this Proclamation as of now these

bangles of pieces and green cards for

u.s. citizens parents and siblings as

well as fathers and children of green

card holders this ban also also fizzes

for h-1b HTTP and L visa applicants as

well as J 1 is the admins most likely

shut down the immigration water is so it

will affect diversity visa winners as

well the bank does not require to those

people who are already the guests and

seeking to justice those who are in

green curve or the women change their

because will be different kind of visa

let’s say if you are on F or B visa and

you would change the status to different

it’s a work visa or if you for example

inherit a you citizen and your perfect

record that man will not apply to you

and it also will not apply to lose

people who are currently overseas but

already got their visas you guys should

be fine and EvllaMarketing if you are envious currently

on some kind of employment visa we do

not recommend that you leave the country

at the moment we are able to help people

in certain cases if you are going to

guess and EvllaMarketing would like to change your

status for whatever reasons please call

us and contact us we might be able to

help also if you are already having

visas and are able to come to this

we’ll also recommend you to the right

here as soon as possible

these band will be reviewed and modified

approximately every 60 days so please

contact us call us email right there

Skype on Instagram on basically every

kind of app for communication we’ll see

how we can help you thank you