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NABH and JCI Accreditation: A Step Towards Global Healthcare Business

The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid rate with no signs of slowing down. It is one of the largest sectors and plays an important role in shaping a country’s economy. But with the ever-increasing demand, the healthcare industry needs to focus on its strategies of improvisation and management to meet the stringent standards.

A lot of factors contribute to the complexity of the healthcare industry, such as  corporate growth, competition, medical insurance, patient expectations, healthcare services, and others. All of these factors have led to quality checks by national and international regulatory bodies that offer accreditations to the hospitals.

Accreditation is a process to review an organization’s compliance with predefined requirements and standards. This process is important as it stimulates continuous improvement in healthcare bodies. According to the best healthcare consulting firm India, both the JCI Accreditation and NABH accreditations are the most important ones and aim to improve the quality of patient care through diverse approaches.

NABH Accreditation: It stands for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers. This is an Indian healthcare governing body that came into existence in 2005 and after overcoming the initial hurdles, it has gained traction in the business. This governing body and the NABH consultant councils ensures quality of care and patient experience and expectation through its regulations.

JCI Accreditation: Joint Commission International is a non-profit body that evaluates and accredits medical care units across the globe. Its ultimate aim is patient safety and quality care for the one opting for medical treatment. JCI can accredit different healthcare programs such as hospitals, medical institutions, medical laboratories, ambulatory clinics, medical transport facilities, home care organizations, primary care, and long-term care centers. Moreover, the JCI accreditation consultants are available to help you understand the process of application, surveys, audits, and certification.

The following are some points to show how accreditation is becoming a quality index in the world of healthcare:

  1. Better Patient Care – Accreditation aims for efficient and satisfactory healthcare. It motivates medical organizations towards patient safety and quality care by evaluating the best solutions.
  2. Risk Reduction – Accreditation improves the hospital’s and its staffs’ standard of performance. As the organization works on its risk management solutions with JCI consultants in India, it lowers the chances of errors and issues implying a better image of hospital.
  3. Continuous Improvement – Accreditation encourages the management level to keep up with the latest technologies and global market, raising the bar for better patient care.
  4. Provision for Staff – For accreditation, the organization improvises on its infrastructures, tools, applications, and equipment, which leads to productivity, better staff performance, and higher patient satisfaction.

On the whole, both JCI and NABH accreditations work on improving the overall environment of the healthcare body that are mandated by the government and other independent agencies. To know more about the accreditations, connect with the top healthcare consulting firm in India.

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