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Ella Whyte, Honorary Secretary, Kinlochleven School and Kinlochleven Women’s Service Voluntary Services Savings Groups. Charles William Wale. For political and general public solutions in Southgate. Ernest Charles Joseph Stuchbery, Works Manager, Mechanism Ltd., Croydon. Norman Whitaker Wright, Managing Director, W. & J. Tod Ltd., Boatbuilders, Ferrybridge, Dorset. Henry George Jarvis, Chief Stillman, Carless, Capel & Leonard Ltd., London. Percy George Lionel Strong, Member, National Savings Assembly, representing West Sussex. Eric Morley Spafford, Senior Executive Officer, Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance. Ernest Albert William Thurley, Senior Executive Officer, Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance. Alfred Warren Young, Chairman, Tottenham, Edmonton and Enfield War Pensions Committee. Thomas Alfred Yates, Electrical Engineer, Admiralty. Thomas Arthur Sawyer-Snelling, Line Maintenance Manager, Mideast Aircraft Service Co. (Associated Company of British Overseas Airways Corporation). Arthur Howard Squire, Registrar of Births and Deaths, Wrexham, Denbighshire. Charles Reuben Squire, JP, District Secretary, Oxford, Amalgamated Engineering Union. Charles John Williams, lately Higher Executive Officer, War Office. William Edgar Williams, Principal Assistant to the Secretary, Bristol Channel Ship-Repairers’ Association.

Woman Fashion Model Laughing At Park Alexander Hugh Williams, Technical Grade I, Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield, Middlesex. Alexander Powell Watson, Higher Technical “B”, Ministry of Works. Christopher John Woodbridge, Senior Architect, Ministry of Works. Reginald John Steel, Inspector of Taxes (Higher Grade), Board of Inland Revenue. Harry Tate, Grade three Officer, Ministry of Labour. Sidney Thomas Walters, Victualling Store Officer, Admiralty. Thomas Turnbull, BEM, Civil Defence Officer, Dunfermline. Isabel Florence Tacon, Higher Executive Officer, Commonwealth Relations Office. Frederick Arthur Loomes, Technical Officer, Research Station, General Post Office. Captain Frederick Hildyard Hawkins Stuart Verschoyle, Information Officer, War Office. Frederick Vernon Weller. For political and public expert services in Solihull. Abraham Tegerdine. For political products and services in Northumberland. Dennis Murray Walters. For political companies. James Watters. For companies to ex-servicemen and their dependents in Perthshire. Social protocol at the time was for the cuckolded person to obstacle a duel, so the simple fact that James opted for blackmail is not only telling, but also — as you’ll see at the close of this story — incredibly ironic.

James Bertram Whalley, General Secretary, The National Federation of Meat Traders’ Associations. William Sutherland, these days Honorary Secretary, Eastern (Falkirk and District) Division, Stirlingshire Branch, Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Families Association. Richard Frank Wilson, Clerk of the Tyldesley Urban District Council. Cyril Joseph Taylor, Superintendent Welfare Officer, Public Health Department, Norfolk County Council. Kenneth Sutherland, Chief Preventive Officer, Board of Customs and Excise. Cecil George Weaver, Chief Executive Officer, Department of Health for Scotland. Hilda Swindells, Chief Home Service Adviser, North Western Gas Board. Jean Mitchell Wallace, Senior Dairy and Poultry Adviser, South Region, West of Scotland Agricultural College. Edward Pedder Stears, Senior Executive Officer, Board of Trade. Basil Walter Stearn, VRD, Higher Executive Officer, Air Ministry. Gilbert Arthur Streeter, watch online sex Videos MC, JP, Chairman of Committee, No. 1254 (Godalming) Squadron, Air Training Corps. Ernie gave me a haircut just right before I went to fundamental teaching and when I got to Fort Dix I was the only dude there who was pulled out of the haircut line.

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