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What do I do if there’s foreskin?

Foreskin = a thin piece of skin that covers the head of the penis. Sometimes, a baby’s parents decide to remove that flap — aka circumcise them.

If that skin is left intact, it can be retracted down the base of the penis, exposing the mushroom-like, oh-so-sensitive penis head beneath.

“Some people will enjoy having their foreskin used as part of the hand job to add a layer of texture, warmth, and wetness,” says Luna Matatas, sexuality, body, confidence, and kink educator and creator w88 of Peg The Patriarchy.

Other people might have a tighter foreskin, and it could be painful to try to retract their foreskin intentionally during a hand job.

To find out what your partner likes, ask!

How hard is too hard of a grip?

Generally, you want to start loose and increase grip as you go (up to a point!).

But every penis owner prefers something different. So, grip your partner’s cock, then ask:

“Why don’t you put your hand over mine and show me how tight you like it?”

“Tell me when you like the tightness of my grip.”

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