When Child Support Services FAILS

Free WebCam Chat Online, Live Video Chat Rooms 9 - YouTube He comes home and has tantrums hitting people and throwing things. I collected cans I sold everything I owned and when I was faced with losing our home I even sold things Im to ashamed to say,not my body tho. They even lied about my income and my sons age to get a higher payment per month. I subbed for many of the teachers whod call me personally,I did the art program,donations chairperson(25000 checks id get donated),plays,6th grade graduation I loved it all. Not to mention he lives with his parents and doesn’t pay rent, electric, food, cell phone etc. while I’m trying to pay my mortgage and buy groceries from my unemployment checks. They say a child needs two parents to be happy and stable. It also helps her that her parents are loaded and bought the best lawyer they could, while I’m stuck a public defender. You can also make a choice on what you like, your interests, hobbies, etc. you wish to have made public in your profile. Judi Dench thinks women can do anything they want when it comes to film – except play James Bond. All you will want to do all day is watch it, and you’ll never want to get any work done or go to school or see your friends and family ever again.

I have the blessing of a good Family Law Attorney, a Judgment awarding support and filed early with the Dept. of Child Support Services in CA. I was able to hire an expensive Forensic Accountant who testified at trial and filed reports that my husband has assets over $8 million dollars and cash flow to support the Court’s order of child support. Its been 9 months since the Order and still he pays what he wants to pay. Each relapse is about 2 months long. We were homeless for 6 months. The outside world plays an important role; especially from television programming and video games. It’s just the world we live. Don’t lie, it’s unbecumming… So to all divorce mom’s out there, stop being lazy and get a job, go to school when the kids are with your ex (50%) and work hard and smart like your ex does. I know provably non, I wonder, if it is more mom’s divorcing dad’s, than dad’s divorcing mom teach sex (Bestfreelivesex.com)’s I bet is a fact, seeif a dad divorce a mom, child support is set base apon standars, he doesn’t ask Court to force mom to pay for the Court fee’s, and more lickely will see the kids 50% for two reason , he want to be involved with his kids and doesn’t want to pay CS.

But my husband continues to pay less than half of what the Court Ordered. My first child’s father didn’t pay a dime until she was four, then when he does pay its not the amount ordered. A month aftr my youngest turned 18 they sent paperwork to the address on the W2s I again sent them the beginning of the year and finally after 10 years and all of my kids being over 18 the DA went to court for the very first and the only time to get the states 200 a month back. They have some how bend all the rules they figure out how to play the victim at court and judges are talked into this pain and agony (which is BS) ones they acomplish that using the system on their favor, they abandon the kids. We wonder why kids take guns to school. I do wonder how a female refugee from Saudi Arabia would see your inconsistent position, after all if she stated openly what you speak of in her country, she would be a martyr, but then again, maybe that is your point and aim. There’s being sexual and then there’s the new Irish girl!

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